10 Aug 2012

How to catch a cloud

From the first moment that we arrived in the mountains and Lily saw the clouds floating by just above our heads she was infatuated by them. Question after question pertaining to clouds, the fascination never ceased and all she wanted was to touch one, or better yet catch one. It became a running joke, with us asking the same question, "what would you catch it in?",

Finally she decided she needed a jar and she needed to have the jar at the ready as we kept encountering low hanging clouds and she was not prepared and all lunatics scientists are prepared. Today we went panning for gems which was absolutely fabulous and will get a post of it's own and after that we we decided to drive up. Up where we weren't sure but as long as the roads were climbing and our little rental car was grunting and groaning we were happy. We stopped for lunch in a nondescript town and saw a Walmart so we ran in there to buy Lily a Mason Jar but sadly they only sold them by the dozen and that seemed like over kill. I then had the bright idea to buy a jar of anything, run in to the toilet, wash it out and off we would go so that the mad scientist could be prepared. She chose a jar of horseradish ? ? ? I ran into the restroom flushed the contents and scrubbed it clean and of we drove, up and up and up. We stopped along the way at many picturesque spots but the low hanging clouds were elusive today.

The wonderful thing about the mountains is the weather. If you don't like it just change your elevation. We just kept climbing higher and higher. As the roads grew steeper I enjoyed the driving more and more, I have done 99.9% of the driving since we arrived. The clouds finally started to sweep down and Lily got more and more excited.

As I rounded a turn a cloud swept over the road. I couldn't stop as I was on a blind turn at the top of a hill but as luck would have it there was a driveway just ahead so I pulled in. Just as we got out of the car the cloud started "leaking" and we got drenched but I couldn't say no to her at this point. With her jar in hand we ran up the side of the road in the pouring rain. Once at the top she swirled her jar around and around and once she thought she had caught some cloud she slammed the lid on tight. My crazy nutcase kidlet was thrilled. She was beaming and soaked and she couldn't have cared less. Once in the car she showed Jacob and Rosie her cloud. And as I sit here typing this inside her jar has a tiny little swirling thing of moisture.

Kidlet caught a cloud!

What I didn't know was Jacob was taking photos and video. The photos are pretty bad as he isn't used to my camera  and he didn't think to change the settings.

You can see the cloud clearly here. It is NOT fog
Some crazy Mother and her child racing after a cloud in the rain
Looks like we are nearly there.

Just another day in the life of me.


Anonymous said...

Mad but lovely too, love Auntie Sally

Candy said...

I love it. What a wonderful Mum you are. I think Lily had a great idea to catch the cloud.

Sammons said...

She will always remember trying to catch a cloud with mama! What beautiful memories you are making!!! As always... Such a beautiful family!!!!

val said...

She will remember that forever!!

Good thing a bear didn't come along!!

Joannah said...

What a great and unforgettable adventure! You are a wonderful mom for allowing her to have this experience.


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