7 Aug 2012

Guess What?

It really is true, the world is not flat. Nope it really isn't. I know this for a fact because even though I live in a place that is as flat as a pancake and is a whopping 3 ft above sea level I am sitting writing this to you perched atop a mountain. Grandfather Mountain to be precise, in North Carolina. I can see clouds level with my head, well maybe not level with my head but not much higher. LIly's new mission in life is to catch a cloud and put it in a jar, alrighty then dear. It is gorgeous here, absolutely gorgeous. It's no secret that I detest Miami well, this trip is doing nothing to help that and that's for sure. Today we headed from Raleigh back south and further west, with our luggage, to our original destination of Boone and the Seven Devil Hills. We weaved our way here in no particular hurry, stopping here and there to avoid the anarchy mentioned in yesterdays post. I nearly convinced Jacob to let us stay in a log cabin the mountains but we headed for out hotel afterall and I think as I sit here all cozy that this nice big suite is probably a lot more me than a log a cabin would ever be. I must have got caught up in a moment. LOL The girls are so excited to try some of the activities that they have seen around the town. Tomorrow we are taking them ziplining but they are also anxious to pan for gems, white water raft, mountain climb (WTH) and approximately 100 other things. Oh and I could barely believe it myself but it didn't rain today. I was starting to think that Val was on to something and I was going to have to change the blog back to it's old name. I'll be back soon, I'm off to stare at the cloud that is level with my head and look at the local real estate magasines.


val said...

If you want to see mountains & views go on the Blue Ridge Mountain Parkway.....it's scary but soooooo gorgeous!

Vivian M said...

Ohhhh it would be fantastic if you could relocate there!!


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