6 Aug 2012

Let's not let that stop us.

This morning we were supposed to board a plane for Raleigh, North Carolina but once all the other passengers had boarded there weren't enough seats left for us so we had a family meeting right there in the airport and we decided to fly to Atlanta instead. We thought we would see some friends there and then slowly make our way up to Raliegh. That plan seemed great with us. We ran from one gate to the other, were handed boarding passes and 1 hour and 20 minutes later we were in Georgia. Jacob rearranged the rental car and the hotel reservations and we thought all was well. It was for about 15 minutes until we stood at the luggage carousel and waited and waited for our bags, No bags and no car seats. AGAIN. Turns out our luggage went straight to Raleigh.

Following another family huddle we made a completely irrational decision to drive straight through to Raleigh, so we did and here we are. My friend Jakie left Miami on Sunday morning and is driving to Boston with her daughter and I spoke to her 10 minutes ago and she is only in Virginia Beach....slow poke, She was in S.C. this morning. The girls were amazing. We were not planning in this being a big car trip so they are electronic-less. Bwa ha ha. They have been travelling since 7.30 this morning and have survived without DVD players in the car, iPods etc., they still don't believe that this was normal when we were kids.

A winglet. I love them, so when I looked out of the window and saw it I snapped a photo
we promised  Lily she could have her photo in front of the signs but this was the only on cos when we arrived in North Carolina it was lashing rain,
Actually, it rained for most of the 7 hours that I was driving. The few minutes that hubs drove it was nice. Stand by for something, anything, fun to happen tomorrow. If we don't let the kids out of the car soon they may be anarchy. But at least now I am prepared for anarchy, I have clean clothes.


val said...

OOOh....sounds like fun! Remember what I said about the rain.....it's that bloggy change of title!!!

Vivian M said...

Have a wonderful trip/visit!

One Happy Mama said...

Yeah having luggage is overrated! LOL ... have a wonderful trip! Nancy


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