1 Aug 2012

Up and down

I forget that my children have no idea what hills are. Well that is an exaggeration because they would have to live in a box to actually not know what they are. What I mean, is they don't see them and don't ever get to play on large grassy ones or snow covered ones. Hills actually excite my girls, sad but true. Last night when we were driving home Lily made herself car sick by reading in the car so I pulled over in a park that we rarely visit and let her get out for a while to counteract the motion sickness. Once the greengill disease had worn off she realised that we were "there" at the park with the giant hill. I let them walk around but decided that running up and down it just might not be the best medicine. I was not popular, again, so after a few minutes of listening to their whining pleading, I let them have at it for a few minutes before dragging them away with promises of tomorrow. They didn't forget and neither did I but we had to wait until late this afternoon for the weather to cool off as it was hot enough to cook a Thanksgiving turkey on the sidewalk here today. (you can always fry eggs here but today was seriously hot!)

up in the sky
running down a hill is such a novelty
jumping into the sky


running as fast as her legs could go
rolling down the hill
Rosie wasn't quite as fast.
they look so tiny. we ran up and down this hill so many times. It really is good fun.
getting their gangsta on
There were so many people there exercising on this hill. It was over 100 degrees today and people were exercising, are they mad? I cannot believe that my photos aren't full of people because it was crowded. I also can't believe that I never remember this place. I think it would be a really great place to take our bikes to. Rosie might have an issue or two as she has training wheels and she would "capsize" but Lily and I would have a brilliant time. Time to lose the training wheels Ro.


Sherri said...

So love the sky photos....where was this hill? Because Florida doesn't have them, unless there all over on your side! When I was a little girl, every year each time it snowed, we would go over to the high school with our sleds, trash can lids, card board boxes or whatever we could find that would slid down a hill..I so miss those days and I wish my children had chances like that. But now days, cold and snow aren't my kind of things.

Vivian M said...

Simply awesome!!!

Tammie said...

Great pics!! Now where is that darn hill!? I haven't seen a hill since leaving NY.


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