2 Aug 2012

It started with a trip to the grocery store

I took the girls with me this morning to do the weekly food shopping. They love coming food shopping and they know so many people that work at the shop. Everyone stops and says hello from managers to bag boys. They always secretly hope that Joseph will bag our groceries because he always gives them a balloon. Joseph didn't bag for us today their other favourite guy, Ti' En did but Joseph saw the girls as we were leaving and came dashing over and gave them both a balloon. Lily decided to take hers apart once we got home and she asked that I video her doing it. I'm not a very responsible mother. We looked it up on google when we were done and the reason that your voice sounds so funny is because helium is lighter than air. It is only dangerous if you do too much as it doesn't contain air so you can suffocate but obviously before you suffocate you will pass out and the second you pass out you will drop your balloon and start inhaling air again! I did tell her that we won't be doing it every time she gets a balloon, I'm not a complete loser mum.


Vivian M said...

Well, if her voice never went back to normal she would have a career in cartoon voice overs, he. ;o)

I loved doing this when I was a kid by the way. Had no idea if it was harmful or not, but it was fun!

One Happy Mama said...

Yes! Mother of the Year award! I think this is a right of passage in childhood. -Nancy

Briana's Mom said...

That is so funny! I cannot show this to Bri because she would order me to go get her a helium balloon pronto! LOL!

Anonymous said...

ho ho ho....and tut,tut.xxbb

debz said...
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