31 Jul 2012

Why I love gift cards

I think that gift cards are the best gifts ever, well with the exception of diamonds cos we all know that diamonds are the best give ever. (i'm sorry bb but I really love those sparkly little devils). I love getting gift cards for presents and I squirrel them away in my bag and guard them like a ferocious dog. I never forget they are there and I love knowing I have them and then when everyone least expects it when we are out and about having a fun time I produce one that makes the fun even better.

This afternoon I asked the girls if they wanted to head North or South. They said North, So we jumped in the car and headed North. After that initial direction I have know idea which way we actually went as I have no sense of direction whatsoever. We drove through a horrendous thunderstorm and came out the other side to gorgeous sunshine. We headed into the Gables and wandered around with the girls directing where we went next.

After an hour or so we decided it was time for dinner and voila, out came the gift card collection and we headed to a restaurant and sat outside and had a really nice dinner. The girls were delighted to be eating al fresco, I swear they will eat anything if they get to eat outside. For those of you not familiar with the Gables, it's an upscale neighbourhood and we were right smack in the middle of the Mile. As we ate the girls were entertained by a homeless man going through a garbage can down the street. He was picking through a bouquet of flowers and making his own arrangement out of them. Lily suddenly got very worried that he was going to walk over and hand them to us so we high tailed it back inside. That kid thinks very highly of herself.

That particular gift card was a Christmas present. Just cos I saved it so long doesn't mean I didn't like it, I loved it, I just wanted the perfect time to use and today was that day. That's why I love them so much. I have some from my birthday, it might be months until I use them. One day I will be walking through a shop and something fabulous will catch my eye and I will be able to get it, guilt free. Shopping doesn't get better than that.

Mummy, I love it here, take my picture. Yes, she really said that.
take mine too
Before the live entertainment showed up.
On the way home we had to make a little detour cos someone made herself feel carsick by reading but we managed to salvage the day and more on that later because it was so much fun.

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Vivian M said...

Awesome use of a present (gift card)!!!!


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