26 Aug 2012

The Day that changed my life forever

Nine years ago today in Hubei Province, China, a scared yet incredibly strong 14 month old child was handed to me. She was to become my daughter forever. She had endured so much in her short life, more than any one person ever should yet she had and still has a sparkle to her, a light that no amount of pain could ever extinguish.

She is my heart, she became the part of me that made me whole.

When I met this little soul I knew the true meaning of love and the true meaning of destiny for the first time. Words that once held a shallow meaning suddenly held depth. Everything in my life was now the right way up and my life held a new meaning. I was a person that was driven.

I thought I had my life before her but I was wrong. I knew something was missing but I had no idea that everything was missing. I knew that I wanted her but I didn't realise how much I needed her. Until I held her, felt her, smelled her, I couldn't allow myself to know just how much I needed her. It hurt too much.

This child, my child, my daughter, isn't one that I take for granted. I still smile when I see her, I still look at her as if it is the first time because to me it is the first time. To me it is a miracle that she is mine.

Lily, you rock my world, you make me laugh, cry, giggle, mad, crazy, frustrated, proud, happy, and you make me do it all with more passion than I have ever done it before.

Lilipop, my world is a much more colourful one with you in it. Thank you for being my girl.

I will love you forever,



Johnny said...

Happy, happy, Anniversary!

Tammie said...

Happy Gotcha Day! It has been a delight watching Lily grow into the beautiful young lady she now is. She has blossomed like the flower she is.

Luciana said...

What a lovely post. I'm so happy for the two of you. What a beautiful anniversary.

Leah Mei said...

Such a beautiful post, Dawn, had me in tears....
Happy Gotcha Day!


One Happy Mama said...

Beautiful post! Happy, happy day!! ~nancy

val said...

Happy Gotcha Day.....you were meant for each other!

Briana's Mom said...

So beautiful! Happy Gotcha Anniversary!


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