27 Aug 2012

Send the ark

Holy smoke Batman it's been raining straight for days and we are flooded. I drive an SUV so this makes things a little better but when I returned from work this morning I had issues getting back into my neighbourhood. I found 2 wheeling as opposed to 4 wheeling was the way to go. What that involves is only 2 wheels on the road, the other 2 wheels were either on the path or the median strip whichever appeared to be the shallowest point. Probably not legal but it worked. I have to go out again later and that should be a real treat.

Yesterday afternoon we had a break in the nastiness and we headed out with the girls to South Beach, we are rebels that way. The wind was howling but the rain was gone, well apart from the occasional feeder band, which would send horizontal rain lashing sideways across the road. Once we arrived at the beach there wasn't a soul to be found. Most businesses were closed. I didn't take my camera, which was a great decision as in seconds by glasses were coated in salt and I didn't want the same treatment for that, and the place was  ghost town. We snuck down to the beach and the kids had the best time playing against the wind. You could lean into it and it would hold you up. it was hilarious. We stood really close to Rosie just in case. We stayed there for about 20 minutes just being silly, all alone. Then we headed back towards the car and the kids played on a playground. Jacob noticed a chap pointing at something and looked up but not fast enough, a feeder band was coming as we got soaked running for the car. I had bought a couple of towels so all was good.

We stopped on the way home at a swanky little ice cream shop and were able to celebrate Gotcha Day by having Ice Cream in the rain. It worked for us and made us smile.

By late afternoon the storm appeared to be gone and the fuss caused  by the media was much bigger than Isaac himself. Sadly he now seems to be on a direct course to Lousiana as a Cat 2.

The girls had fun making hairbows and we have a game of Monopoly on the go so I need to get back to it....I'm losing. Jacob, is some wicked slum lord and Rosie, well lets just say, she may have a future is real estate.

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