29 Aug 2012

Open house night

The girls school had open house this evening. It was the best one I have ever attended. Rosie has Ms. Valle, I know her really well as she taught Lily in Kindergarten also and I've seen her every year since. Lily has Ms. Tamargo in the morning and Ms. Suarez in the afternoons and these ladies are fabulous, just fabulous.

I was a tad concerned about meeting Lil's teachers this year. I'm not familiar with them at all and for some strange reason Lily has turned into my Father in a span of 9 days. She has been saying the most odd things that just shouldn't be coming out of the mouth of a 10 yr old and she reminds me of my dad. She has this flip way about her but sadly it is cracking me up and it really shouldn't me. I think it is the element of surprise.

 Ms.Suarez teaches language arts and she had sent all the kids of to the library to get a book but unbeknownst to her Lily has a huge amount of books at home and didn't need a library book however Lily failed to tell this to her teacher. Apparently Lil' spent 30 minutes in the library and came back empty handed. When asked where her book was she replied: I couldn't find one. Before Lily could go any further with this story I interupted her,

Me: You spent 30 minutes in a room with 1,000s of books and couldn't find one?

Lily: Those were Ms. Suarez' words

Me: Seriously Lily, not one?

Lily: Your doing it again Mum, those were her exact words.

Me: Why didn't you get one?

Lily: I have a book I don't need one.

Me: You should have got a back up book.

Lily: I have a back up on the book shelf.

Me: did you tell her that you have a tonne of books?

Lily: She doesn't need to know that about me, that's TMI.

Me: Well, why did you even go to the library in the first place?

Lily: She told me to.

Me: Oh Lily.

Yesterday as I picked her up from school and we were walking to the car she said she had been to the library again.

Me: oh did you get a book this time?

Lily: yep.

Me: amazing, what did you get?

Lily: Caddie Woodlawn.

Me: What, Why? That's the book you are already reading isn't it? Why on earth would you get the exact same book again? Now I am laughing.

Lily: She said get a book and I really like it.

Me: Oh Lily. Really? Two of the same book?

Lily: I have another one too?

Me: do you have that one as well?

Lily: No.

Me: oh good.

So you see as I entered the classroom tonight for  open house I thought that the teacher might just give me the stink eye for the whole hour because I am the Mum of the weird and annoying kid but she didn't. Turns out she likes her. She did however tell this funny story about a kid who loves to read and as I was leaving she called over to me and said, Oh BTW, the kid that likes to read in that story is Lily. Oh good grief.

I have the class clown but her humour is so very very dry. If she was a child when my father and Uncle John were kids she would have been in heaven. She seems to think that hse can say things that my dad can say. She doesn't say them to be rude but to be funny and she is funny, really really funny but she is going to get into trouble.

I see detention in her future.

Rosie came out of school in floods of tears today. I swept her up in my arms and as all the mums came over to see what terrible crime had been committed against the child, I walked away from them all to speak to her and calm her down in private. Turns out her best friend in the whole world, Saywer, was naughty in music so the teacher put him on orange light and Rosie couldn't bare the idea of that indignation. Her bestie was in trouble and that was to much for her tender little heart to take. Ms. Valle asked to speak to me and told me what had happened and said when she walked back into the room the tears were pouring down Rosies face. It scared her she thought something terrible had happened to her. She made everything right and immediately put Sawyer back on green light and told me, confidentially that the teacher had no right to do that in her classroom. This is only the 6th day of school and she never uses yellow light during the first 2 weeks when the kids are all getting used to being in school.

Oh well I've got one that is now terrified of the music teacher.


Anonymous said...

makes me smile....bb...xx

val said...

Lily sounds like a real "crack-up"! I still think she gets it from you!


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