30 Aug 2012

Seeing the world through Lily's eyes

Even when she pushes me to the very brink of my sanity, she always manages to make me laugh. This child of mine has an impish spirit about her. In most things that she does she finds the humour.

Tonight she was studying for a science test and asked me to quiz her. Every single answer she gave was in a perfect, and very over the top, British accent. She can even say words, that until a few days ago she had never heard before, in a voice that would make the Queen proud and would remind my brother of his Public schooling. I shot her "the Look" a few times but all efforts at stopping her were futile.

I hope she never loses her carefree happy spirit. Life is just to short to dwell and be sad.


Briana's Mom said...

I love this post! Hope to meet her one day. I think you need to video her talking in a British accent!!!

Vivian M said...

I wonder who she takes after...hmmm.


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