31 Aug 2012

The case of the disappearing blog

Three days ago I noticed that the whole right side of my blog was missing. No photos, archives, doo-dads, trackers, nada. I decided not to panic and then on second thoughts panicked anyway as that is what I do. I tore into my layout and found that everything is is still there but for reasons that I cannot figure out it just isn't showing up.

I assumed it was only me that couldn't see it but you know what they say about assuming things. Turns out that some of you can't see it either. Turns out some of you can't see a lot more than just the side bar.

If you are having problems seeing parts or all of the blog can you let me know. Oh duh, that was a blond statement, if you can't see any of it how are you going to be reading this!

And if by chance you can see everything PLEASE leave me a comment and tell me that it is still there.

Thank you,


val said...

There were two posts that I could not comment on......no comment box.....all I could see was the header & the main content!

I think!

I'm blonde too!

Sherri said...

You are missing a lot of stuff. I see NO tickers, no followers just pictures of your girls.

dawn said...

Thank you, both. If I click on my blog I can't see any of it however I link to it through the comments I can and also via the set up I can. Whats going on. Just so long as it doesn't disappear. Proobably should back it up huh?

Vivian M said...

Until now, I was not able to comment, and could not see anything but that day's post. So I could not scroll, see previous posts, comment, etc.


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