1 Sep 2012

Moving up

When Lily returned to swimming following her month of vacation she was really disappointed to find all of her friends had moved up a class. She was one of a handful of kids that were still in the same level. For the child that competes with herself to see how fast she can fall asleep at night that was not as easy pill to swallow.

Last night she came flying out of the pool and whilst dripping wet and said, Mum, Mum, guess what?

Umm, you forgot your towel?

No, Silly, I'm being moved up.

Wow Kiddo really, that's fantastic. Congratulations.

Starting next week she will be swimming for 90 minutes a night. 5 days a week. oh joy!

She wore her sisters hat for Friday fun night last night!



val said...

I'm looking at your blog at work.....different internet access & can only see header & content....nothing in the sidebar. Obviously I can comment tho!

Vivian M said...

Love the hat! Way to go Lily!

Love Letters To China said...

Congratulations Lily!!! Way to go!!!


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