17 Aug 2012

My favourite shirt~ EVER

It's amazing how adoption draws people together. I stumbled across a new blog a few months ago and I really liked it. Don't know what it was about Nancy that made me relate but I just did. She is currently slap dab in the middle of bringing home her son and is fund raising. Adoption isn't easy, there are lots of costs along the way that have to met as you go. 

The fact that a person fund raises as they go through the process doesn't mean that once their child is home that they can't afford their child it just means that the huge out of pocket expenses along the way are a strain to their finances at this time.

Do you see the button, it's called a button but it's actually that large picture with T-shirts on it to the right of the blog? That is Nancy's fund raiser. I bought one of the shirts and I love it. I love it to the point that it has become my favourite shirt. Lily even wants one now.

Its a great shirt and really soft and great quality.

You can follow Nancy on her journey to her son here

and if you want the worlds most wonderful T-shirt just click on the button to the right. There is a great selection, not just the one I chose.
It's a win win situation, Nancy gets a few steps closer to Jon Jon and you get to wear a shirt that you will love and one that brings attention to adoption.

1 comment:

One Happy Mama said...

I LOVE that shirt. You are awesome Dawn for helping me get the word out!! ~Nancy


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