17 Aug 2012

Mama's play date

 Yesterday me and some of my Mama friends had a play date. The kids all probably think it centred around them and that is fine, let them think that, all good parents let their kids think they come first, bwa ha ha ha ha. My friends Lori and Grace and I all met up at the beach. Lori and her familia are staying there for a few days and they invited us all up/down/across town to spend the day with them.

The kids played in the water and on the sand for hours and were dragged back to land only to eat. These kids don't see each other very often and they have quite a difference in their ages but that didn't seem to matter at all yesterday. I think the fact that all of our kiddies can swim and swim so well keeps them on an even playing field. Aged 5 or 10, it just doesn't matter as they can all hold their own in the water and can play together.

I made a decision to be loser camera mother as this was our play date and not theirs. I left all cameras behind. I also knew that the others would have their or at the very least their phones and would be snapping photos and I would be able to snag them.

I had such a lovely time, it was so relaxing and calming. Ladies, thank you. I left there feeling refreshed. And Marc, what a guy you are, all that girlie chatter and not a word, just that great sense of humour.

All photos below are not mine, I do not have the rights to them, they are all stolen cos I am a slacker!

The Hot Mama's.  Gawd did I really write that.
Lily and Ethan found a crab in the ocean and caught it in a bucket.
Lily, Ethan, Katie Starr, Rosie, Natalie and Liam.......the fun makers
They had such a great time on OUR play date.
Friendships and play dates brought to you by the miracle of adoption and blogging. Lori pointed out yesterday that we have been friends now for 10 years. Her and I met at a Half the Sky walk a Thon 10 years ago. Zoinks.


One Happy Mama said...

How awesome! I love friendships like this. ~Nancy

Love Letters To China said...

I felt the exact same way. I so needed a "play date" of my own. ;-) I wish we lived closer so we could get together more often. Would love to go visit the Metro Zoo when the weather cools off...if that ever happens. Maybe during the schools winter break.



Anonymous said...

hot mamas...you all look chilled to the bone..specially the lad.bbx

Vivian M said...

Love it! Mamas deserve a playdate too! ;o)

dawn said...

Cold...we can only dream of cold at this time of year. It was a deepfrying 86 degrees yesterday.


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