18 Aug 2012

Meet and weep

Most schools offer a Meet and Greet the week before school starts so that the kiddos can meet their new teachers and see their new classrooms. Our school doesn't do these, well not for the most part. Last year we had a new Principal and she did but that was the only time. We get to wait until 5 o'clock on the Friday night before school starts and at that time the teacher and room assignments are posted outside the school. This year they a little more modern and posted them on the website, that was a shock.

Lily is heading into 5th. Lily's school is a K-8 and in this particular school she enters middle in 5th. She has no idea where to go on Monday. She has a room assignment and it means nothing to her. Poor child hasn't even been told what gate to go through, yet she remains totally unfazed. She'll figure it out. She isn't the only one who is clueless and in her mind they will all learn together. Cool as a cucumber. The upper academy is a completely different building and she hasn't been in it before but she just doesn't care. Chin up, head held high and off she goes. Unflappable. She doesn't even know if her friends are in her class.

Now lets talk Rosie. Rosie is entering Kindergarten. Since the second she came home Lilys old kinder' teachers have been hoping they would get her. At the end of the last school the kindergarten teachers kept saying she's ours. Rosie really likes them and was excited about it. As excited as Rosie ever gets about going somewhere new. These 2 teachers co-teach a large class but every year there is talk of splitting them up and giving them smaller classes. Last night Rosie did have a Meet and Greet because many of the kids entering Kindergarten have never been to this school before.

We all assembled in the Media Centre and waited for the Principal to announce teacher/room assignments. The "favourite" teachers had been separated and I couldn't decide if this was good or bad. It gave us a better chance of getting them, at least one of them. They called the list for the first one, Rosie was not called and Mrs. V hadn't even looked at us which was most unusual so I was starting to think we weren't going to get her either. By now Rosie has vacated her own seat and is sitting on my lap. Lily suddenly lent over and said, "Mrs Valle just mouthed I have Rosie". I looked up and she was smiling her great big happy smile. Then they called Rosie's name. I told Rosie she had Mrs. Valle and she just said, Oh.

Once all the kids were called they had to leave with the teacher and head to their new classroom. Rosie burst into silent tears and very timidly walked away from us all looking as if she was leaving forever. We just laughed. Not nastily but knowingly. Our neighbours were sitting with us at our table and their little girl is starting this school for the first time, she is all excited. When Rosie started to cry they were so concerned and asked what happened, Nothing we replied, she's just being Rosie.

Once Rosie reached Mrs V she was scooped up into her arms and hugged, End of tears and a big smile. Once we were done with all the rules, the expectations, the questions and the answers we went to pick her up. She was all in the thick of things smiling and having fun. Lily made her way over to her and they carried on together.

Rosie is already worried about next Wednesday when she has to walk into school alone, no more classroom drop offs. (I initially told her that her and Lily would walk into together but now I am not sure since Lily is in the upper academy, so that was a foolish thing to say). I have talked up all the positives and down played all the negatives. I have listened to her fears. We talked about how her tummy feels and I even told her that my tummy gets tied in knots when I have to meet with a new client. (not true at all) and I don't know them.

So she survived Meet and Weep, barely and now we just have to get through next week. After that she will be fine. Her uniform is ready, right down to her socks. Lily has all her new uniform in her closet, she has no idea what she will wear the first day, she'll grab it the night before. Both of them have the backpacks FULL of supplies, ready to go. I have slowly but steadily got Rosie to this point and now there is no backing down. As much as possible when we go out I drive via the school just to make it familiar again.

Send some positive ju ju this way on Monday please, Rosie is going to need it and Lily might need a little too, it's all new to her as well, apart from her friends, she still has them, at least we think she does, she won't know until she walks into her class.

I really can't believe summer is over. I'm going to miss them more than ever. I love these 2 little girls and love having them around.

One sure thing about Monday is this: the need for lots of tissues. Rosie will be a basket case and I  will be sad to see them head back for another year. 


One Happy Mama said...

Had to laugh at the "tissue" ad that was placed below your post - classic! Poor, Rosie ... it's hard leaving your family (even if it's only for a while at school). I'm sure by the end of the week next week, she'll leave and not look back. I will send some good vibes though for both girls!! Mine are the total opposite, Jade is more anxious and Jasmine is the cool cucumber child. Jade is starting a new school for 5th grade, but luckily she spent a day there this summer to familiarize herself with the school. What are you going to do with all this free time now, Dawn?? ~Nancy

Vivian M said...

Sending positive thoughts your way and hope all goes well! By the way, Tammie should have a stock pile of tissues, lol.

val said...

Rosie will be fine......but I will cross my fingers & toes anyway!


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