1 Jul 2012

Bowled over

My girls have their own bedrooms and yet they still manage to plot and scheme. I am sure they rendezvous in their bathroom in the middle of the night and come up with their plans so that first thing in the morning, when I am at my weakest, they can attack me with their schemes.

 I had barely opened my eyes today when I was hit with, "canwegobowling, please, please please. We have free tickets. PLLEEAASSEE". I thought for a nano second that pretending to be a deaf mute would be a great way of avoiding the subject but apparently my kids remembered that last night when I tucked them into bed I could hear and speak and that becoming a deaf mute does not happen over night. Just as they launched into the second verse of, canwegobowling, please please please, I said, "sure". I really thought they would forget. Silly, silly me.

 I detest bowling. You have to wear shoes that someone else has worn and shove your fingers into the orrifices of balls that I can just tell have never, ever, ever, been sanitised, ever.

They didn't forget.

A little help from her sister
Waiting for the ball to go all the way down that really long alley
speedy ready to bowl,. This girl makes me laugh
And she.s orff.
They loved it. Once we got home I bleached them clean. They still want to go back again tomorrow. Blech.


val said...

I'm with you on this one! The girl's look like they had fun though.

Vivian M said...



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