2 Jul 2012

Wish me luck

On Saturday when we were out Lily suddenly decided she wanted to pose for the camera. She is quite the little model. I just wish my friend Richard was with me to take some fabulous shots and that she was dressed differently. Oh well I was happy to oblige she when she said, Mummy, take my photo. Work it girly.

The house has an exterior circular stairway leading up to the main floor from the patio, she really thought she should model on that also. Mummy said, no, as I envisioned her coming down on her behind! The teenage years are looking increasingly terrifying.


val said...

Oh you are gonna get gray hair in a hurry!!!

Jeanne said...

Love the close up one it's totally gorgeous.

Vivian M said...

Wow Lily is looking all grown up and tweeny...sniff. She is beautiful. :o)

Sammons said...

She really could be a little model Dawn! She is just so absolutley gorgeous!!!!


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