30 Jun 2012

Picture perfect

My friend Heather is in town for a few days so a few of us got together today for a swim/beach date. We used to meet every Wednesday after school for a play date but most of the sensible people have moved away from Miami so now it's just an occasional thing. We had such a lovely time. The kiddies enjoyed it too. I don't have any photos of Heather or of myself, again.
My bathing beauty
Lily looking so grown up
goofy kid
Kelly and Jacob
Heather's daughter Raegan
Lily diving. I shot these on continuous because she asked me too

Rosie's Cannonball

what kind of grin is that?
Rosie and jacob
The original Big Foot Pool Monster.
I think Lily was more tired this evening than she is after an hour of non stop swimming for her team practice. Both girls were fast asleep by 8pm. It was really a lovely day.


Sherri said...

awesome photos as always. Lily looks like a prune with her feet all wrinkled up...lol.

we love using the sport mode on our camera.

Briana's Mom said...

The water looks amazing! I love the pool on the water like that - what a view!

The girls are looking so grown up these days!

Anonymous said...

with love.bb.xx

Vivian M said...

They look so comfortable in the water - like mermaids! ;o) Please try to get some pictures of you in there too.


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