29 Jun 2012

Diving in head first

Yes, I know I have been a very bad blogger. I received a couple of emails from cousins pointing out that I hadn't blogged and checking that I wasn't dead. It sort of happened accidentally when I didn't go to the parade and the people that did, didn't provide any photos for me. I was a little miffed on both counts and had nothing to write about.

Suddenly 5 days had passed and I was loving life sans computer. I've neither blogged nor read blogs and Facebook hasn't interested me either. Perhaps I should have myself evaluated by a professional. So tonight I flipped back through the camera and bought the blog up to date.

Tonight marked Lily's last night of swimming for a whole month, can I have an "Amen Sista" to that. As much as I love staring at the coachs legs I am not loving stopping whatever it is we are doing and heading home to get ready for swimming in the middle of the afternoon. It's summer, we are supposed to be footloose and fancy free. She is taking a month off. She will probably be as slow as a turtle come August but she is willing to take that chance. I/she wants some unscheduled downtime.

I didn't take my camera with me today, I didn't think anything shocking, amazing, or otherwise picture worthy would be happening, WRONG. Friday is funday. They do lots of silly things and today Coach decided to get permission from the lifeguards to let them hit the diving boards. Yeah, and I had no camera. Thankfully I had my phone. Much to Lily's chagrin they weren't allowed to hit the high boards and they were not allowed to dive, only jump.
As much at it looks like she is assessing the situation but it is not the case as she was not in the least bit scared. See how little she looks? Eek.
Ready for impact. It looks as if she is about to hit that board but it is the other side of the pool.
They got a second turn on the lowest board and were allowed to bounce before they jumped. Look at the little dare devils smile!
So there you have it you are all up to date.


val said...

I have to admit I was getting worried about where you were!

Vivian M said...

I loved diving when I was a tween! She is brave, it can be pretty intimidating the first few times from high up.
Way to go Lily! :o)


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