2 Jun 2012

Yet another angel

My dear Pammie

27 years ago I was looking out of Jacobs apartment window and saw this really tall and painfully skinny women walking towards the building, I asked him who she was and he told me he didn't know. He said she lived opposite and probably used drugs cos nobody could be THAT skinny. LOL Well you were that skinny and you had that big old perm and always had one of those really long ciggies in your hand. Once he left for work and you went out to walk your scruffy little dog, Prince, I made an excuse to go outside. We started a conversation and the rest is history. A friendship that has endured a lot of crap throughout the years.

3 marriages and 3 divorces, and they were all yours and all to the same guy, your beloved Armando. The friendship that developed between the 4 of us was the most unlikely friendship ever.  Oh the pranks, your crazy nut job husband screaming Tart at the top of his lungs from the expressway is a sound I will never ever forget. That name stuck to all of us like glue but to me especially. If anyone else ever called me a tart I swear I would slap them.

The time YOU decided we could drive your new king size mattress home from the store cos you were to damn cheap to pay for delivery and the bloody thing nearly blew away and then you left me holding it up in the front garden only to come back and find me squashed underneath it and we collapsed on the floor in hysterics. For some reason Armando didn't find it even slightly amusing!

When you tried to explain to me when I was about to meet your mother for the first time that she was from the Bronx. I had no idea what that meant, I was 22 and from England. You said she had a mouth like a sailor, I said that my mum swore sometimes too. Well she did, I had heard her say, Damn. Your mum stepped off the plane and let it rip and you couldn't stop laughing as my mouth hit the floor as your Mum went on and on about the Muther F***ing plane being hot. Renee was an amazing woman and I loved her too, she was the best and had a heart of gold. That's where you got yours from.

The birth of Adam when you guys were separated, AGAIN, and me not being able to figure out which baby he was in the nursery at the hospital cos he looked Chinese and I couldn't work out which kid you were pointing to. You being such an amazing Mum and you and Armando getting married again cos he took one look at his son and well, the rest was history. Then of course you had to get divorced again cos you 2 just couldn't have that piece of paper. However you lived together as husband as wife. He was there for you through it all. He took care of you and nursed you and made sure you had what you needed. Adam grew up and suddenly he was 6 ft 2 and just as skinny as you! Last Thanksgiving night you were in the hospital again and Armando fell alseep and never woke up. I rushed to you in the hospital and your tears pooled in the big pools that your have above your collar bones and we cried together. Adams aunts comforted him at home. I promised I'd take of you, I promised.

He's 21, we text. He laughs cos I am bad at texting and my phone auto corrects things and they end up being inappropriate but he doesn't care. Last night when my phone rang and it said "adam" my heart stopped. i wasn't expecting it Pammie, none of us were. I rushed to the hospital and we talked, I talked, you couldn't. I promised you I wouldn't cry but I lied, I lied so bad to you. and Pammie I am lieing now too. I held your son and tried to find the words to bring him comfort but how, he's still reeling from the loss of his dad and now you.

I am going to miss you. 27 years wasn't really long enough for a friendship like ours. Jacob will miss you too. he sent his love he said he couldn't see you like that, he needed to remember you were the way you were,. . . . . . .  bitching!

I love you Pammie. Thanks for the fun.

P.S. Don't get a muscle car, they are for boys!

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