2 Jun 2012

Snip, Snip, Snip, for a great cause

A few months ago I was reading a blog and somehow I ended up on the blog of a really lovely family. Their youngest daughter is under going chemo at the moment. Lily saw me reading the blog one day and she asked me about the girls as all 3 of them are just gorgeous. I explained about Hailey and it made her resolve even stronger to donate her hair. You can meet Hailey and her beautiful sisters here . Stop by and say Hi and send some love their way.

Her hair has been driving her nuts because of swimming but she refused to cut it. Yesterday I measured it when she came in from school and she finally had enough to donate to the Pantene Beautiful Lengths Program. I asked her if she wanted to go next Thursday right after school got out and her response was, can I go now? I asked her if she was sure since she wasn't going to have much hair left and sometimes kids can get a bit funny. She told me she was making a choice, kids with cancer don't make the choice to get cancer and she would deal with it. (not much I could say to that. She is one logical and caring soul) I rang Jill who said, can you come right now? We did.

I didn't take a before photo. Yeah, I know DUH. But Jill was fitting us in and she was so happy to do it that she just got started and I didn't think. This photo shows how long it was.
One, two, three, SNIP.
evening out her hair and adding a few layers, oo, la la.
Blow dry time
Jill and shorty...but it isn't so short.
I love it.
Lily loves the way her hair looks. When I was measuring her hair I wasn't measuring it in a ponytail I was measuring it from her chin down. With the minimum required for a donation I had her hair level with her chin. She was fine with it but a bit nervous. When we got to Jill, she immediately pulled it back into a ponytail and then measured it. Lily cut over 9 inches of hair and still has a lot left. She spent the rest of the evening flicking her head about and generally being a fashion model. I have to say that I think she looks gorgeous with her shorter do. ( I was really hating that long stringy hair )

Oh and as we were sitting there waiting for her, a tornado warning was issued. Yesterday was June 1st the start of the Atlantic Hurricane season. We've already had two named storms this year and now we are getting tornado warnings. WTF. we don't get those here. Oh happy times.


val said...

Absolutely an adorable style for Lily! Love it!

Love Letters To China said...

Love her new hair do!!! I'm so happy she donated her hair to such a great cause.

I'm getting a bit nervous about hurricane season this year too. We've been way too lucky for the past 6 years. Fingers crossed we have another uneventful season.


Sherri said...

I second what Val said....absolutely an adorable style for her.

Tammie said...

I am so proud of Lily! Hair is one of the true vanities we have & making the decision to cut it off can be a hard one. She is absolutely correct about it being a choice we have as opposed to those who have cancer. Her new hairdo is lovely, but it is her inner person that I admire most.

Briana's Mom said...

What a sweet girl to donate her hair! And she looks beautiful with the new do! I love it!

Jewels of My Heart said...

She looks beautiful and what a precious gift for someone.

Catherine said...

Lily, You look beautiful! What a great cause you donated your hair for! Way to go!!!

Vivian M said...

Love her new haircut! So very proud of Lily for donating her hair to such a worthy cause. She is a rock star. :o)


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