3 Jun 2012


Today was Rosies last swimming lesson. We had to decided whether we wanted to enroll her for another session, starting next weekend so that they could work on her breathing just a little more  or not. We decided not. Summertime is our time. We will be in the pool so much anyway that we will work on it with her. She is now swimming the length of the pool doing freestyle and sideways breathing, which apparently is quite impressive for a kid so young and small. Coach says that if we keep on her over the summer she will be ready for the Flying Fish team by the time school starts.

Parents were not allowed poolside for the last 2 weeks, we had to stay behind the glass so the photos are iffy, (aren't they always)

This picture just makes me giggle. She had just put her hat on and it's pulling on her eyes and she generally just looks silly.
Backstroke div class="separator" style="clear: both; text-align: center;"> floating
her favourite part of the class, diving for hoops
Done. Kidlet was taught to swim by not one but 2 ex Olympiads so she should have a good base from here on out.
These coaches are absolutely fantastic. The children learn so much. Some of the kiddies here can't swim, they are in a different program and I watch these huge men acting like teddy bears with these tiny little dots, some of whom are screaming bloody murder for the first couple of weeks. Before long they are loving the water and looking forward to their lessons. Other kids "pretend" they can swim and the coaches kindly teach them how to really swim and turn them into fish and then there are the" Rosies" who swim with their own style. They have to be debriefed and re-taught, properly. Rosie can now swim above the water, breathing properly instead of under the water and wiggling her butt from side to side with the occasional kick of her legs when she was running out of air and needed extra momentum.
If you live in this area and are looking for a swim program for your little kids, swimmers or not I can't say enough about Flying Fish.


Sherri said...

How long were the lessons? And how old was she when you started? We're thinking about some sort of swim lessons for Emma. We have a pool and she loves being in it.

Oh and beautiful photos!

La-La-Liene said...

Yeah Rosie!! That is so awesome!! She looks so comfortable in the water!! I'm sure she'll be ready for swim team in no time. Eriks is a decent swimmer but not as strong as I'd like him to be. We'll have to work on it in my parents' pool this summer.

val said...

Kudos to Rosie.....it's great that where you live being in the water is an everyday happening.

Vivian M said...

Yay for Rosie! I am sure you are all going to have lots of fun swimming this summer!

Tammie said...

Wow! Rosie has come so far this year. Swimming is just one more accomplishment to add to the list.


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