10 Jun 2012

Swimming with dolphins

Lily decided that instead of having a birthday party this year she wanted to swim with dolphins. It may sound extravagant but don't forget where we live. We are surrounded by places that offer the opportunity to do just that however they differ in price by over $1100. Really, they do, it's insane.

We made the reservations a few weeks ago and headed off this morning with one very excited 10 year old. She had the biggest smile on her face. Shortly after we arrived it became very apparent that Rosie was feeling ill and the high humidity and soaring summer temps were doing nothing to help her feel better. We did the guided tour of the facility and then Lily got to do her swim but right before she was done i left with Rosie and headed to the car. jacob and Lily stayed and saw a few more shows including the parrot show, sea lion show and one other. We were meant to take a bottomless boat tour but it just wasn't fair on Rosie so we opted out. WE took Lily on a quick tour through the gift shop but she decided to get and ice cream instead, smart kid. I can't begin to tell you how hot it was today but the devil called and asked if he could come over and warm up.

This is where we were in, Key Largo. Fl. Fabulous I tell ya, fabulous.
Sick little Pickle, sitting in the bag in the shade.
a dreadful photo of a really really really hot me and my cool as a cucumber girl
getting ready
asking the dolphins to twirl
twirling with Kona
Swimming with Kona. She lost part of her fin to a skin disease
More swimming
I love the look a amazement on Lily's face here. She is in heaven
A kiss
Dorsal tow
picking up speed
Really flying
Jumping through hoops
good bye
It was a fabulous day. Of course I wish Rosie had felt better and all had gone as planned but alas life happens when you make other plans, ha that's why I learnt to dance in the rain. I don't think Lily will ever forget turning 10. Happy birthday sweet girl I hope you had a banner celebration. Love you.


Briana's Mom said...

Happy Happy Birthday to your beautiful girl! That is the most awesome birthday ever! Briana would love, love, love to do that.

LOVE your new blog look. It is perfect! Love the header!

Candy said...

I just love the look on Lily's face in the water with the dolphins. You can tell that she had the time of her life. So sorry Rosie wasn't feeling well. Happy Birthday Lily and many more.

April said...

How much fun! Sorry about poor Rosie. Love you new blog. Daleea let me peek at it the other night and it is so perfectly you!

val said...

Perfect gift for Lily....hope Rosie is feeling better.

Vivian M said...

Best. Birthday. Eber! Hope Rosie is feeling better.

Anonymous said...

Well Little Lily isn't quite so little any more. Looks like you had an awesome time. Good for you. Looking forward to seeing you all in November. Love to all Sally

Johnny said...



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