11 Jun 2012

Sad little Pickle

A couple of weeks ago Rosie missed a couple of days of school because she had a fever, no other symptoms, just a fever, last week she got another one, again no other symptoms. They last for a couple of days and then she is right as rain. I didn't bother taking her to the doctor cos frankly I figured with no other symptoms it was a virus and they'd be nothing they could do. Yesterdays fever was higher than they have been and she really felt awful. She slept on and off for most of the day and this morning she woke up feeling just as awful and looking pretty grim. I told Jacob to call the ped' and let me know what time to meet them there and I headed to work, which made Rosie cry. She is always the dramatic child, in case you haven't figured that out. Yesterday and today she hasn't made any noise when she cries she just has these ENORMOUS tears cascading down her cheeks by the bucket load. Sad, very sad.

My text read, Dr. G at 10.15 so once I was done with my first patient of the day I headed straight to the doctors office where I met Jacob and took Rosie. There is no point in a perfectly healthy kid setting foot in an office riddled with germs so Jacob took Lily off with him to run some errands. Rosie was still looking pathetic even by her dramatic standards.

The ped examined her; tested her for the flu, for strep, a blood test, a white blood count and  a urine test and the only thing that came back iffy was the white blood count. Oh joy. Everything else is negative. She isn't going to jump on the white blood count being low yet because Rosie feels like crap and it could be the answer right there but she doesn't like the fact that she has been sick this often so if she gets another fever in the next 2 weeks after this one has gone we have to go back for further testing.

It could be as simple as she is tired. It's the end of the school year and the kids have been working over time on their performance for graduation, for Mothers Day etc etc and some kidlets just don't handle it well. Hah, we all know how well Rosie handles anything different so I am putting my money on that. Plus I like those odds a whole lot better.

When the nurse did the blood draw Rosie started the tears, the great big aforementioned bucket sized tears and the nurse said she has never seen such big tears ever. She really does have enormous tears. I thought tears came in one size too until I met Rosie but I can assure you that they don't. One of Rosie's tears is the equivalent of 4 of anyone elses.

That is a tear under her eye. Just one. See how wide it is. 

Feel better little pickle. This really is the most pathetic I have ever seen you. :(


val said...

Poor Rosie....hope she feels better soon.

Vivian M said...

Oh no....hope Rosie feels better really soon!


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