12 Jun 2012

Another birthday

We celebrated another birthday in our house today, mine. I love my birthday just as much as any child and I get really excited about it. The girls love to celebrate any of our birthdays and they make them so much more fun.

With Rosie still being icky we laid a little low. She wanted to make a birthday cake so that is what we did. I was just the supplier of ingredients, she did the rest. She really went to town with the decorating. 

I love my cake. Well not the cake so much cos frankly it tastes bloody awful but the decorations on it. I finally figured out what is going on with my baking. My scales are shot. The girls have dropped them so many times getting them out of the cupboard that they no longer work. So when I measure things I might just as well use things like shoes and socks cos the amounts are never ever the same. It wasn't until after we were done that I realised just how messed up they are. Instead of a nice fluffy sponge cake I have 2 pieces of something that sort of resembles cookie dough crossed with cement. But in all honesty I don't really mind, I now know what the problem is and Rosie had so much fun so tell heck with the taste. 

After I had opened all of my "prizes" we went for a dip in the pool. I think the cool water and weightless helped Rosie feel better than she has for days. She even asked for a snack when we got home. She tried some of her cake but decided she'd rather have something else instead. LOL

It was a great day and I loved every minute of it. Jacob surprised me with his gifts, he apparently does listen! (or as Lily says, he can take her hints!)

Thank you all for a really lovely birthday. 

I think she has all of her bases covered, from xmas, to Mothers Day, to silly hat day.
Lily did the piping around the edges and added the candles. The icing is a blue/green colour.
Blowing out my candles with my 2 very proud bakers and decorators.


val said...

Happy Birthday....that cake is adorable.

PS You need to introduce the girls to Betty or Duncan! Or maybe that little dough boy!

Jeanne said...

A cake baked full of love - what more could you possibly want. Happy Birthday. Love the new look blog by the way.

Catherine said...

What an awesome cake! Way to go girls!!

Happy Birthday Dawn! So glad to hear you like to celebrate!

Wow...you're like a professional baker if you bake with scales. I never could figure out how to do it that way.


Anonymous said...

finally found the place to comment...Hope you had a great day and also that rosie posie feels better.xxbb

Vivian M said...

Love the cake - love you more! Happy birthday Dawn!


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