5 Jun 2012

Rosies Pre-K Graduation

Here is a sight seen very infrequently around here. Rosie wearing a dress.

She was so excited to get all dressed up today as it was her graduation from Pre-K. The theme was, Dress to Impress and rather than caps and gowns  the kids got to wear fancy schmancy clothes. Sadly it was 90+ degrees here today and the ceremony was on a covered patio and  not inside in the A/C so the kiddies were really hot and uncomfortable. I decided to dress Ro in a pretty cotton dress and not an actual formal style dress, thank goodness. The girls in the heavy dresses, looked beautiful but they were so hot. Do you see the sandals....do you, do you?

The stage is set
The kiddies are in place Somebody looks mortified
Wow, I love this happy little girl
She sang so loud and sooooo proud
 and she danced all the moves too
 Daddy and Rosie next to her Rosie project Daddy and Rosie
 Good grief could it actually be a photo of me and Rosie? Why yes it is.

She did such a great job today. I didn't even bother trying to video any of it. I wanted to watch her dance and sing. She has been working so hard learning the songs and all the movements. She has grown so much this year and it is amazing. She has loved her year in Pre-K with Mrs. Katz and Ms. Castillo. We have loved watching her learn and grow too. Congratulations Rosie...you are marching into Kindergarten now. Gulp.


Sherri said...

Wow, it's hard to do fun things outside when it's so hot. I'm not one for complaining about the heat, living in Fl i'm use to it. As a matter of fact, we don't use our air. I know crazy, but with a pool and beautiful flow of air always coming in, no reason.

Oh and I LOVE those little people hanging up. I helped with those in Kindergarten with Sam's class...still have it on the wall.

val said...

OMG....I'm reading this at work & trying not to sniffle too loudly. She is adorable in the pic where she is singing!!! When I got to pic of her & Daddy I lost it! You both should be so proud of how she is "growing" & becoming so much more confident.

Tammie said...

Happy Graduation Rosie!! You look so pretty in your dress!!

Mother of 2 Angels said...

Oh she is so stinking CUTE!!!!!!!!!

Briana's Mom said...

She looked so beautiful! Love her dress and Bri would go crazy for those sandals!

Way to go Rosie! She has definitely grown SO much!

Catherine said...

Congrats Rosie! So grown up!!

Vivian M said...

Congratulations Rosie and parents!


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