6 Jun 2012

It's double digit day

Today my big girls turns 10.
Double digits,
the big 1 0 .

Happy birthday to our super sweet, sassy, smart, beautiful, funny, oh so funny, 10 year old.
Lilipop you are wise beyond your years, you always have been. You have an old and compassionate soul that always reaches for the underdog. You can't and won't tolerate mean people and you think that the world needs to be a kinder place. ( I agree).

You hate to show any emotion outwardly and would make the Queen of England proud with your stoicism. No one will ever see you sweat as in your eyes that would be a sign of weakness. Try as I might I can not chip into that perfectionist personality.

You are a daredevil by nature and love to live life to the fullest, flying by the seat of your pants with the wind in your face. Thankfully it appears that I don't have a tendency towards grey hair! If there is a challenge it must have been put there for you to embrace.

You wake up with a smile and a clumsy step and spend your life bashing into things, knocking things over and laughing about it but not in a bad way. You always have at least one bruise somewhere as a medal for your klutzy nature. Life makes you smile, always. From the very beginning people commented on your smile.

Today you hit the big number. 10. I really can't believe you are ten. It seems like only yesterday that you were so tiny that Daddy had to bend over to hold your hand when he walked next to you. You are entering a whole new decade of your life and I just know that it will be all that you want it to be.

Happy birthday Lilipop my life turned the right side up the day I became your Mummy.

Birthdays are a day when we stop to think about birthparents and just as we always do when we talk about them, we send them our unending gratitude for giving us such a beautiful child.

Thank you Rosie

Thank you Nannie and Grandpa

This is the MOST amazing book I have ever seen. I should have taken photos of the inside but she hasn't put it down long enough for me to do so. Thank you Mr. Cline

Ice cream fudge cake

More on this coming soon

Thank you Auntie Sally and Uncle Andy

 Each year I video the girls on their birthdays. I just let them chat away and see what they have to say. Sock monkeys are apparently very important this year.


Briana's Mom said...

Happy Birthday to your beautiful
10 year old! Wow! How did that happen?

10 means tween! Oh good gravy! I wasn't ready for that information! LOL!

val said...

Happy Birthday Lily or should I say "Happy Tween Day"!

val said...

Happy Birthday Lily or should I say "Happy Tween Day"!

Andie said...

Happy Birthday Lily, glad you had a good day and love the monkeys. I can't believe you're getting to swim with dolphins, I've always wanted to do that. Have an amazing time on Sunday.
Love Andie
PS Talk to you on skype soon.

Catherine said...

Happy Birthday Lily! Looks like you celebrated in style! Heh...love the sock monkeys!

Pam said...

Happy Birthday Lily!!! Hope it was awesome!

Vivian M said...

Happy birthday Lily!!!


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