7 Jun 2012

hello summer

The girls broke up from school today for the summer. Yes Siree, you read that right they are done and will not be returning until August 20th. We are all so happy. I think that year round school is a better idea than what the kids in this country have. By the time they get to Christmas break they are half baked, and by the time Easter rolls around they are fried. All the exams happen in the last couple of months and once they are done nothing new happens. Very peculiar.

We are now looking forward to fresh and happy faces, moving at a slower pace, beach days, vacations, time with friends and all the other opportunities that summer offers. I love having the girls at home. My friend Hollis and I have been counting down to this day for weeks. Now if it would just sink in.

Rosie had a great year. Academically she didn't march as far forward as I had hoped but that's OK she will in her own time but emotionally she conquered Everest and I'll take that any day of the week. She learnt many lessons, made many friends and is even looking forward to kindergarten.

Lily started the year knowing she had the meanest teacher in the school only to find out that she is in fact one of the kindest and without a doubt one of the fairest people you will ever meet. Not sure how she earned such a reputation. I wrote her a letter and thanked her for being such a fair and amazing teacher. Lily loved this year with the exception of her gifted program. There is no love lost there at all, NONE but she survived, did well and can hold her head high and move forward into 5th grade knowing that she won't have to have "her" again. (we hope)

One day this week, (the same day as Rosie's graduation) we were invited by the 4th grade to join them for a picnic. This is the first time EVER, that parents have been invited into the school to join the kidlets for lunch. Jacob and I both went and loved every second of it. The kids barely had 2 seconds to spend with us but that was OK. Watching them be the people that they are at school is interesting. I loved seeing her interact with her friends, loved watching her play some kind of ball game, and loved having lunch with her and her friends. When we finally said it was time for us to leave she was actually disappointed, I wonder if she will feel this way at this time next year?

Lily and Daddy

Lunch time

playing ball with her friends....hmmm, not many girls on that field

even with a wider angle there aren't many girls

getting ready to run


Lily and Anthony ( his little sister joined us too.)

And finally the photo that should be cremated but it is so disgraceful

I am putting it here for all to see. My oh so graceful daughter snarfing her lunch. Apparently when we go to school we leave our manners at home Grrrrrrr.

 Happy end of school girlies, I can't wait for the fun and adventures of this summer to begin.


val said...

I had to laugh at your very "english" expression "breaking up from school"! Have a fun summer!

Sherri said...

Have a great summer!! Sam, I think goes back to school on the 9th of Aug.

Vivian M said...

Enjoy the summer! We are still in school in Canada until June 28th.


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