8 Jun 2012

Kickin' back

We had no plans today, none at all. I let the girls stay up later than usual last night even though they were both bone tired. Since they didn't have to get up to go to school and I didn't have to get up to go to work, I hoped they would sleep late. They didn't. Rosie woke up at 6.30 which is earlier than she ever gets up ~sigh.

This morning we sorted through their toys and then moved on to their closets. One thing about kids is that they grow and the things that fit them five seconds ago don't anymore. Actually that only seems to be true with Rosie, who is getting taller but Lily appears to be staying the same. So we had a good clean out and then we had some girly time this afternoon before swimming.

I had a monumental migraine so I was happy to have a lazy day. Lily decided she was in charge, hardly a stretch of anyones imagination! First off was face painting but Rosie refused to have paint on her face so it was hand painting.

That was followed by having ours nails painted.

Lily's was more like toe painting. I'm not sure what happened as she us usually quite good but today her aim was a bit off .  Ahh, nothing that can't be fixed. She has such lovely long toes,

 Then I snuck off for a few minutes of quiet time while they were playing and Lily took matters into her own hands or should I say took the camera into her own hands. I wasn't going to post this but since I humiliate my kids on the blog all the time I thought it was only fair. I'll probably wake up in the middle of the night and my headache will be gone and I will realise that i posted this and panic.


val said...

Hope you didn't go to bed that way.....or you would wake up & scare yourself.

PS That's what I love about you.....you are not afraid to post pics like that!!

Catherine said...

Sorry about your headache but what an awesome way to spend a day! Great hand painting Lily! You look like a pro!!

I'm knee deep in clothes reorganizing too. Ugh! Such a big job but happy when it's done. About 60% done so far so more than half way.

Love the pic of you. My first thought was...where do I get one of those awesome masks? you look so relaxed! Hope it helped your head.

Sherri said...

lol...as to what VAL said! Sorry about your headache too. Love the paint jobs and colors and I love your new blog look.


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