24 Jun 2012

Don't tell anyone

For t he first time in my entire life I own a T-shirt with a team logo on it. I'm not really sure how it  happened but during the play-offs I became a crazed Miami Heat fan.

Tomorrow morning the Miami Heat are having their victory parade. Normally I have a client first thing on a Monday but as luck would have it she is involved with the Heat so she has had to re-schedule so we are taking the kids to the parade.

 The kids are going to be all tricked out complete with the Heat logo painted on their faces, Jacob has a shirt and hat so that left me looking like an innocent bystander. Wasn't going to work. I didn't like the champion shirts that they are selling for a kazillion dollars but I found a really nice red one that is perfect.

 I really don't think the Queen would approve.


val said...

You are darn tootin she wouldn't approve.....unless you maybe wear a hat with it????

Luciana said...

LOL!!!!! Heck yea! You're awesome. GO HEAT!

Sherri said...

Congrats to you owning your first T-shirt. I had no clue what the heat was...lol..being I don't watch basketball. Have fun!

Vivian M said...

I think it will be ok if you add a fascinator to your outfit. ;o)

La-La-Liene said...

Enjoy the victory! I really, really dislike the Heat. Then again, there are a number of other sports teams I really, really dislike too. Enjoy your t-shirt and can't wait to see photos of the girls decked out!


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