25 Jun 2012

The Heat Parade

Yes I know, yesterdays post was all about me sporting a Heat shirt and heading off to a big parade. I didn't go. Long story. Hubby went and took the girls. I couldn't even get within 300 millions miles of the parking lot for the Metro Rail. I'm fine, not sulking to much.

I watched it on T.V. I found out the next day that we all could have gone into the arena and met the players had I said something to a certain person. Yeah I know, it's a little late to tell me that the day after, don't ya think? Anyway the arena was a mob scene and I really get bat sh*t crazy in crowds so it's probably best that I didn't know.

The girls and hubs had a good time. They went with our friend Kelly and her kidlets and neither one of them took a photo of the parade. In their defence they had 7 kids between them and about 100,000 people around them so it was tricky.

Once things were finished it turned into a mob scene trying to get back on the train so a security guard told them to walk the train tracks for a mile until they saw another station and take that one. The wait was still one and a half hours. Suddenly I'm not feeling so bad after all.

They eventually made it home, tired, hot and hungry. I was cool, refreshed, energised and raring to go.

Walking the tracks
Tired of walking the tracks
a kabillion people ahead of them at the Metro station
Lily in her Heat garb behind the Miami Arena
Rosie in her Heat garb
But alas NO freaking Heat parade photos...what is wrong with these people!

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val said...

They don't get it! They are not bloggers!


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