23 Jun 2012

Crafty little child of mine

We are having some sort of tropical "thing" pass over us and drown us with torrential rain. According to the weather man, who is wrong nearly all of the time, it will rain all week, copiously. When you live here you have to prepare for this sort of thing, well maybe you don't have to but I do.

I have a little cupboard of craft projects that the girls know nothing about. I buy them when I see them go on sale or Jakie passes down things her girls have grown to old for. Today I scurried into my box and found a book of things to do and the next thing I know Lily is as busy as a beaver and  so concentrated on what she is doing that I can't even get her to answer me.

She had taken some old fashioned hair grips and adorned them with seed beads. They look absolutely gorgeous. Tomorrow we are going to the craft shop to get some more beads in different colours as we only have a few in this size.

and then the origami queen made herself a little box to keep them in. Perhaps tomorrow she can make an origami ark!


Anonymous said...


val said...

They are beautiful.....get that girl an etsy shop!

Vivian M said...

I would like to order a set for Kerri please!


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