22 Jun 2012

Spur of the moment ideas are the best

Last night as we were leaving swimming we stopped in the car park to talk with Paula and her family and I don't have any idea how it came up but it became apparent that Paula had a full change of clothes in the car. This then made me realise that we could do an unsleepover, so we did.
I always think that spur of the moment ideas are so much more fun and this one didn't disappoint. The girls just had a ball together. BY the time they had showered and eaten dinner it was already after 9pm and they were only just getting started. The Miami Heat were playing a make or break game for the NBA championship at home and we were all watching that while they did all sorts of crafts and before we knew it was midnight. (and the Heat had won...woot woot.)
I really don't know exactly what time the 2 of them went to sleep but I do know that it was after 1.15 A.M.  and somehow Rosie managed to keep the pace with them. My dearest oldest child then thought it would be a wonderful idea to wake everyone up at 7.37 this morning, I didn't agree but not much could be done as they were awake. I drank a cup of coffee and was soon just as hyper and mental as them.
Paula's Mum is a gourmet chef and since I know there is no way I can compete with that I decided to do something utterly nuts for them for breakfast in hopes that Paula wouldn't focus so much on the food but more on the fun. I blindfolded them and led them to a table full of food and let them eat "blind". It was hilarious and they loved it. I highly recommend it. But I will warn you, things get messy, very messy.
We had planned to meet Paula's family at the zoo but the weather didn't co-operate at all so we spent the day at home. I finally had to call an end to the fun as it was time to head back to the pool for swimming. I didn't mind at all, I had those lovely legs to stare at again.

Playing games last night.
 Making origami whilst watching the Heat game 
Rosie watching the Heat game
Very early this morning

After I watched the video for the millionth time with Rosie I realised that I was duped by Paula. She could see! At one point she is eating egg and she pushes her fork into it and naturally just uses her finger to "pop" into on to her fork. Hello you can't do that if you can't see it. Lily is the only one who kept her blindfold down the whole time. They loved it though and had fun with it.

 I had to laugh at swimming tonight because all the kids in Lily's level had stayed up really late to watch the game and all of them were exhausted but because it was pouring not to many people showed up so the the head coach married the classes together and sent 2 coaches home early. The kids had a different coach, from a higher level and he pushed them hard. REALLY HARD. I kept a close eye on Lily and Paula in case they drowned as they were swimming as if they were pulling an anchor. When Mari arrived to pick up Paula she was laughing too.

 We came straight home tonight and both of them went directly from the shower to their beds and it was their idea. Sweet dreams tired little girls. Tomorrow will be another adventure.

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val said...

You have the "funnest" ideas! The snowman sock are a riot!


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