18 May 2012

What is it?

Do you have any idea what this is?
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 Here is the answer:
It's a bunch a toys and crayons that are whizzing about inside the washing machine as I type. By the time I saw them the door could not be opened as the water level was to high. Somebody, who will remain nameless, but if you would like a hint, is the shortest member of the household, apparently had a whole bunch of things squirrelled away inside her pockets. Pockets that I didn't know existed cos if I did I would have found this stash of goodies before putting them in the wash! Every Friday when she comes home from school I wash her book bag and lunch box. She never has anything in her book bag other than a sweater and occasionally a folder and a library book. I removed all of the afore mentioned items. Hopefully all the crayons made their way to the front of the washing machine and as I type they aren't colouring, willy nilly all over the washing. Time will tell. Person who is to remain nameless had a very sheepish look on her face but then fell into a heap of giggles cos her Mother isn't very good at keeping a straight face either!


val said...

Crayons! Harmless compared to ball point pens! Try removing that from the inside of a dryer! Yup you read that right....I meant dryer.

Vivian M said...

Don't feel so bad. I accidently washed (and dried) a computer storage device thingy and ruined it. I had no idea it was in hubby's pants, since he always empties his pockets. We laughed too. Oh well. :o)

Polar Bear said...



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