17 May 2012

More of the same, again

Dear Mr. Travolta.

When I heard on the news, a couple of weeks ago that you were being sued by a massage therapist, I was immediately filled with doubt. I mean you? Seriously? Somewhere deep in my soul I doubted it could be true, I didn't want it to be true. How could it be true?

A few days passed and then another "masseuse" jumped on the band wagon and then I believe that the manager for a high end spa in New York City also claimed you had been barred from the establishment for a few years due to inappropriate behaviour towards male therapists there. I will admit I was starting to question your integrity.

This field is filled with SCUM. Absolute SCUM. Many massages end with sex and that is what people want and what they pay for. It is illegal and it pisses me off that massage is just a guise for prostitution. The State where I live works pretty hard to keep it in line but it still happens, it always will.

I, am a massage therapist. I have worked very hard for many years to earn my reputation. I have worked on professional athletes, many of them, my name was put forward back in the 90's to work with Madonna, I declined, I've worked in hospitals and with doctors, I don't do fru fru stiff, never have, never will. I work hard, damned hard to maintain a professional image and once, just once I thought we, the professional therapists of the world were, actually going to, "take one for the team" so to speak. That maybe, just maybe someone had taken advantage of us instead of the other way around. We have a horrific reputation that sadly we have earnt, not all of us but it only takes a few bad apple to taint the crate. For once I thought we were going to come out on top.

For once I can say, I am glad it didn't happen that way.

The charges have been dropped. Mr. Travolta, I hope that you sue the scumbag. Not for any monetary amount as that would be futile but for defamation of character. I hope you rake the bastards over the coals. To put someone like you through something like this is pitiful and it brings my "profession" down to a level that I am ashamed of.  On behalf of the honest therapists, I'd like to say, we are sorry.




Johnny said...

Hey, I just had my monthly massage today.

It's sad that there are bad connotations with "massage". In fact, my therapist...after seeing her for almost 3 years gave me a slight peek in her personal life. And I'm good friends with my former therapist (who transitioned into Chinese medicine).

Keep kneading those glutes!

Polar Bear said...

The entire situation is so sad. I really feel bad for J.Travolta. He seems like such a nice person and for it all to be false is sickening.

I think you should send him your letter. It's VERY good.

Briana's Mom said...

With all my back and dizziness issues, I have had to have a couple medical massages and I can't tell you how much they helped me. The girl that worked with me was extremely professional. It is a shame that there are so many scumbags in the profession.

There is a new show on Lifetime called the Client List. Basically, it glamorizes exactly what you are talking about - the bad side of massage. I was just wondering if you have watched it or stayed away from it with a passion.

Vivian M said...

I am assuming it's a typo when you wrote that you don't do "fru fru stiff" - but I am just an immature kid at heart and had to giggle.

All kidding aside - when I had my serious head on car crash, my massage therapist really helped me recuperate from the extensive injuries to my muscles. I did not like her very much, I was in a lot of pain, and I was not very nice to her because it hurt. I did apologize later on, and she graciously told me that she pushed my buttons on purpose to make me want to get better, so it was OK.

I think you all put up with a lot of abuse sometimes, and I was guilty of it, and am very sorry.

Loved your letter, I agree you should send it to him. :o)

dawn said...

Viv, oops that is a typo and a rather hilarious one if I do say so myself.


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