16 May 2012

Noses in the books

Homework is the word of the day around these parts. Actually it is the word of the month. School is winding down, the girls only have 3.5 weeks left to go and things are slowing down considerably in the homework department or at least they were. Last Monday one of Lilys teachers gave her a pretty hefty project, a 28 page story, to be turned into a book, complete with jacket illustrations, dedication pages etc etc.. The child has been working on it like a maniac every day. I love the story line that she has come up with but just can't wait for her to finish it. She doesn't type very fast and it has to be typed. I have offered to help her by doing some typing for her but you all know Lily, she is not about to accept help with her homework. The due date is looming so it is going to be a long weekend. She can't even start the drawings until she has finished her story.

I just don't understand why it has been given at this late stage in the game. Really, I don't?

Yesterday when I picked Rosie up she was carrying a cardboard cut out of a person. Oh goody, another project! Thankfully since she is only in pre-K this one is considered a family project and we had to transform Flat Paper Person into Rosie. Rosie has to be wearing a summer outfit.

This is what it looked like in our house at approximately 3.30 this afternoon:
I give you, Homework Central.

The only place where Lily can be found lately.
Rosie colouring her shoe
Concentrating and hard at work
At approximately 5.pm Summertime Rosie was born.
I think this is the face, only a mother can love
She even gave herself a manicure.
If I don't reappear tomorrow to blog it's because this book project has pushed me over the edge and I am banging my head against the wall.


Catherine said...

What hard workers your little girls are! 'Little Lily' is adorable....even with her toothy smile! :o)

val said...

"Oh my what a lot of teeth you have little girl!" Those "matchy" shoes rock!
Good luck with the other one!

Vivian M said...

Rosie did an Awesome job on the doll! I am sure Lily's homework will turn out A+. :o)

Polar Bear said...

Why 28 pages? That's a little much if you ask me! I'm sure Lily will ROCK it!!

Summertime Rosie is adorable! I love that big toothy grin and those beady little eyes! ;o)

Have a great weekend.


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