19 May 2012

It seemed like a good idea

I don't know how many times a day that I have these hair brain ideas that seem absolutely stellar when they pop into my mind but by the time I put them into action they are absolute rubbish. Take yesterday for example.

I decided it was time, once again, to go over our emergency plans with the kids. We think that Lily knows all the drills by now but it never hurts to reiterate them. As for Rosie she is a work in progress. Lucky for me our address is somewhat rhymey so I made a little song out of it that I have sung to them since they were tiny. Lily has known her addy for years now but Rosie still relies on the song. ^&*4 those are the numbers on  our door, !$9 Avenue, that is where I'll play with you, Blanketey, blank blank, Florida. Hey, it works. She knows our names and what to say to the police etc etc.

Yesterday I asked her what she would do if Lily was in school, Daddy was at work and her and I were home alone and I fell down the stairs and got really hurt and couldn't talk to her. She said she would call 911. I then asked what she would say when the man or lady answered the phone. After a couple of minutes my dear, darling child said, "mummy, I have a really good idea, go and fall down the stairs". I said, "do what". She then repeated" Mummy go and fall down the stairs".

Like I said, they seem like really good ideas when they flash into my head but once the words actually come out of my mouth they head south really really fast!

I'll just cross my fingers and (a) hope we don't ever need emergency plans
and (b) hope I don't fall down the stairs anytime soon. LOL


val said...

I don't get why you didn't fall down the stairs for her???

Vivian M said...



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