20 May 2012

Birthday Fun

My kids should be waterlogged. If they aren't either at swimming lessons or swimming on the team then they are swimming for fun or at swimming birthday parties. It's amazing that they don't get tired of the pool. I'm sure if it was piano practice there would be some very loud protests by now.

Today one of Lily's friends had a pool party for her birthday and we were all invited. Since the birthday girl happens to have a little sister the same age as Rosie it meant that neither Jacob nor myself had to get into the pool to keep little Miss entertained as she was happy as a clam playing with Camilla.

Rosie and Camilla
Lily and Paula at war
Rosie doing a cannonball
Lily chillaxing
Rosie and Cami jumping in hand in hand
After spending a few hours at the pool we headed back to the house for some food. THe bigger girls hanging out
Hah, piano practice, it lasted 3 seconds!
Happy Birthday Paula.
The girls had a fabulous day and we got so lucky with the weather. The rainy season is upon us and most afternoons offer a good tropical thunderstorm. Luckily it held off today and didn't happen until 7ish this evening, just as the party was coming to anend.


val said...

Pool parties look like so much fun!

Sherri said...

Sure looked like a ton of fun! Pools seems to do just that, we're in ours all the time. Awesome photos!


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