1 May 2012

We caved

Today I received a voicemail from my accountant asking me to call them as soon as possible as it was urgent. Urgent calls from ones accountant can never be good news. I ever so gingerly dialed the number. His receptionist answered and asked me if i wanted some fish?

Fish? What, the heck? Once before he had caught some snapper and had offered us some, it was fabulous, but that doesn't seem urgent in my book. "What sort of fish?" She described 2 little fishies swimming in bowls and I promptly said, NO THANK YOU.

My accountant was also on the line and he said, "the girls would love them, they are already in little bowls, why don't you take them?"

We caved. We drove to his office to pick them up and then to the pet shop for food and whatever else we would need to keep them alive through the night. We cleaned them out, fed them and then put them on the island for the girls to find when they got home from school.

They found them, shrieks ensued. You'd think it was a puppy. They didn't even fight over who got which.

Meet Fred and Nemo.

This is Fred, he is Lily's fish
Fred, looks a little unwell, I hope he makes it. I hear Wallyworld sells Japanese Fighting Fish so replacing it won't be hard.
Meet Nemo, he belongs to Rosie
Just like Dori in the movie I have called Nemo, Elmo at least three times today
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Update Fred and Nemo made it through the night and Fred appears to look a little healthier today. He ate some food today and then got all perky, phew. I really thought we were going to lose him last night.


val said...

Darn I was so sure "we caved" meant a puppy! You know you can't walk or pet fish. Ask my middle child.....his fish didn't make through the "walks" he was taken on!!!

Pam said...

Good luck with those fish! Ours only lasted about a month! No more fishies for us!

One Happy Mama said...

Sucker! We are down to one, poor Hootie "passed through the big porcelain bowl" about six weeks ago. I don't miss him a bit. That $2.99 fish cost me $$ for tanks, a heater and a filter .... he was a picky, sickly fish who wound up with Ick. Our other Betta is blue, he is Starfish. He's been around for over a year!

Leah Mei said...

We went to a birthday party once and "won" a fish. Leah named him Bob. After Bob # 5 we gave up keeping them alive. How do people do keep them alive?

Anonymous said...

I've had Betta fish for years and if you take good care of them and put the work in, they will last for several years. They also really like bamboo. PetSmart sells bamboo that you can put in their tank. :) Just be sure to keep the tank/bowl clean. That is key. Also, if you hold up a mirror to the bowl occasionally they will flare their fins. It's good exercise for them. :)


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