30 Apr 2012

Perfect attendance

Rosie received an award for perfect attendance today. She didn't receive a beautiful inscribed book or a fabulous award but she did receive a pencil. Considering you are meant to go to school everyday I think a pencil is more than enough of an award.

I didn't go to the presentation. Oh puhlease, I go to the important ones. I had an early work appointment so daddy went alone. Child will survive and won't be any more emotionally scarred than having a parent like me has already scarred her.

Daddio sent me the video at work and I have to say I was shocked to see her bebopping up on stage like she owned the joint. She's getting quite nervy in her old age. Could it be that she might turn out like her sister? One can hope that some of Lil's joie de vivre will rub off on her.


The little boy talking to Rosie in this picture is S. S is captivated by Ro and sits next to her in class. From the second she arrives he is all about her. Thankfully he is a sweet little guy but if I hear his name once a day I hear it a thousand times.

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val said...

She is so cute & yes she is opening up so much!


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