29 Apr 2012

The bookworm

As soon as Lily learnt how to read she fell in love with it. It's never unusual to find her with her head in a book.

This is her new favourite place to read.

She pushes the chairs together and hides out under the island in the kitchen. It's a great hiding place where her sister never thinks to look for her. Today we were sorting out the disaster that is the bookcase. We came across a book that was my grandma's. Lily decided she wanted to read it. It's really old and the pages are so thick. She really loves the way the book feels in her hands. She isn't sure just yet if she likes the story but she said she is determined to read it even though the English is "old".

My grandma was awarded this book in August of 1913 for regular attendance at primary school. I'm not sure how old she was back then, I'll have to check with my father. She also received a really beautiful certificate that hangs in his house. Note to self, I need the certificate it goes with the book. LOL.

I thought awards for attendance were something new but apparently they are not as this one is 99 years old. Perhaps it's the old saying, what's old is new again.


val said...

That is so neat that Lily wants to read that book. Love her "reading nook"!

Andie said...

I thought the same, strange how Grandma was rewarded for perfect attendance, we weren't and Lily and Rosie are.
Maybe our era were good at going to school anyway!

Vivian M said...

What a beautiful keepsake! Love the reading nook. Hope her love of reading rubs off on Rosie!

Polar Bear said...

Such a clever reading hide-a-way.

My dad recieved an award every year for perfect attendance. I remember my grandma telling me how my dad only missed one day of school his junior year of high school. He only missed November 1st of that year because some kids knocked over the outhouse as a Halloween prank. Dad had to stay home and help my grandma that day. That was over 50 years ago. After seeing your grandma's award it makes me wonder what happended to my dad's awards.

Don't know why I typed all of that. Hope it's not too much info.


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