2 May 2012

She Flies

Bwa ha ha. I got it. My fly picture of my girl.
this one shows her pulling up
but I LOVE this one.
If you click on the pictures you can see them bigger and keep clicking and they go in order....it's cool. It took 47 pictures on continuous to mode get this one and I still chopped her freaking hand off but I like the angle.

These are just some backstroke ones I took but I love them as she is smiling in them. She is smiling whilst she is swimming. Who does that?
Ro and Cami. Sweet.


One Happy Mama said...

I am overly impressed with Lily's mad swimming skills, seriously! Neither one of my girls can swim like that and they have taken many, many lessons. You can tell Lily loves it ... like betta fish in the water! I am checking on the name of that bag for you and will get back with you in a bit! I am so glad you *need* something! Nancy

One Happy Mama said...

Dawn, the bag you saw is item 3509 the Tote-Ally Awesome Tote in circle spirals. It is shown with a scarf, item 3012, in pink circle spirals. :) ~ Nancy

val said...

Great job there Momma!!!! I just love the expressions on her face..... that child is in her element!!

Pam said...

She looks like a PRO! We definitely have to get together! I called you a couple weeks ago but didn't hear back. Let's plan something soon!!!


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