26 May 2012

A long weekend with a twist

It's a long weekend here. This weekend officially marks the kick off of summer. We were looking forward to heading over to the West coast but we have had to cancel those plans and any other plans that we had due to a school project that has me seeing red. I'm trying to make lemonade but I'm miffed to say the least, very very miffed. As one child was diligently working away inside the house on her freaking project Rosie and I were outside in the garden and she was trying to master skipping, AKA jump rope. She really, really wants to learn Double Dutch but in order to even try it she is going to have to learn ordinary skipping first. Try not to laugh. If I wasn't in such a snotty mood over Lil's project I am sure I would have been on the floor in hysterics.
There is so much determination on that little face. There is equal amount of determination on the face of the one stuck indoors today as well. Her story is amazing by the way. I think I am going to cut and paste it to the blog when she is done so I can have a copy here. have a great weekend everyone.


val said...

Happy long weekend......hope Rosie masters skipping & would love to read Lily's story.

Vivian M said...

It took Kerri a few weeks to get it, but then again she is a bit slower than Rosie due to her balance/coordination issues. Good luck to Lily on her never ending project!


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