25 May 2012

A day off for good behaviour

Rosie had a field trip today and I was able to go along as a chaperone. I always chaperoned Lily's trips when she was little so now it is Rosie's turn. Her last field trip was positively dull but this one more than made up for it. We went to Pinecrest Gardens, the former home of Parrot Jungle and the kidlets got to play in the splash park, feed the animals in the petting zoo, feed the koi, play in the playground and have a picnic lunch. Absolute 5 yr old nirvana.

Due to all the fabulous foliage even though it was hotter than THAT place here today it was quite pleasant there with all the shade and the little ponds everywhere the only problem was the mosquitos but we were prepared for them.

This was Rosies favourite place to be.
This is a fun place to hang out
all the kids kept jumping on these little spouts and flattening them
Two peas in a pod
Jake and Ro
Up the monkey bars we go
All the kids were besotted by the pot bellied pig apart from from Rosie who loved this goat.
Frankly I think the pig was in need of some spanx.
I have no idea what these are but they are so pretty. I do know they are a lily as they were growing in a pond
Feeding the fish.
judging by the size of them they get fed alot.
After a long morning in the sun I couldn't help wishing these Lobster claws were real. It was lunchtime and they would have made a much nicer lunch than my cucumber and creamcheese sandwich
Between the 2 girls I have gone on quite a few field trips and tis is my favourite so far, closely followed by a trip to see Mr. Al. That man is so so funny and a very talented childrens entertainer.


Sherri said...

WOW, what incredible photos you took! And my gosh - your Rosie looks like a princess! Love love love the pics. I hav always chaperoned on Sam's field trips too and I so miss them. I could have gone to Legoland this month, but I had to turn it down being we now have Emma. I'm not ready to leave her! Your 2nd photo is my favorite! Thanks for sharing. And I became a follower of your blog!!

val said...

Flowers & fish are incredible! Great pics!

Vivian M said...

What fun! Next time we come visiting, I am taking Kerri here!

Anonymous said...

I think they are called water violets.xxbb


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