6 May 2012


Blogger has been changing a few things lately. Months back you had a choice to try the new interface or stick with the old. I tried the new but switched back as I wasn't keen on how the photos got scrambled amongst the text with the new one. A couple of weeks ago the old one disappeared for good and the one took over. As with all things after a few days it became the norm. I have been thinking about doing something to liven up my blog. I like the ones that have 3 columns and changing pictures in their headers. I also wanted my photos bigger, not that they are any good I just like it that way.

So last night I fiddled about and read that soon, blogger, soon to be known as Booger by yours truly, will be replacing it's way of doing things yet again. I rolled up my sleeves and thought, this time I'll get a head start and on this change and just go with it. I tried one of their new "dynamic" templates and fiddled about thinking hmm, maybe. I like the clean lines and fresh look but it is not very personal. After poncing about for a good couple of hours I hit the button of no return by mistake and lost my old blog. I lost my counters, sidebar, everything. This is the new look whether I like it or not.

All the stuff is still in HTML format I just can't figure how to get it back into blog form so until then...welcome to Plain Jane.

All the stuff that was once down the side in the sidebar is now in a little pop out menu on the top right and you have to mouse over to make it appear.

GAH....change is good, no?


Vivian M said...

I don't like it!

Polar Bear said...

I don't like change and in the cyber world it seems they seem to change every time we just get used to the new program. Uugh!

val said...

Been there done that....still haven't figured out how to fix part of my sidebar that's messed up. One thing I did learn & that is to save everything in Notepad so you can at least retrieve it(or at least hope to!) Just keep playing around & be patient...you'll figure it out! Hint...make your columns wider to make your pics bigger!


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