5 May 2012

Growing Fins

Today was the start of Rosies swimming lessons. For the next 8 weeks I will be sitting on a pool deck for 7 days a week. Oh dear heavens I just might have to start to drink alcohol.

Things didn't start out very well and for a change it wasn't Rosie that wasn't happy with the scene it was me. Well Rosie did look thoroughly mortified for about 30 seconds when we first arrived and told me that she decided swimming wasn't what she wanted to do anymore and she wanted to do something else. I found it very hard to stifle my giggle.

Lily's coach also coaches Rosies class and the idea behind this is to get these itty bitty kids ready to join the bigger kids in the big pool. Rosie can swim but frankly the idea of her in an Olympic size pool is comical so the next 8 weeks will condition her for that...but nothing to rigorous, so don't be alarmed. Coach Andrew knows that she can swim so when we got to the pool today and she was in a class with non swimmers I was not a happy Mummy. I sent a text to Jacob saying something similar to that but it's language might just possibly have been more colourful. After about 10 minutes of watching her blow frigging bubbles into the water and having water poured onto her head I was ready to blow my own bubbles. I walked to the front desk to talk to the lady but found that she only spoke Spanish and not a word of English. Oh this was going swimmingly. I think she realised I was a little hot under the collar and pulled one of the assistants from the pool and I spoke to him.

Tomorrow Rosie is going into the "already swimming class". Her coach today was a really great guy and fantastic with the little ones but that isn't what she needs. She did have fun but she also asked him at least one thousand times when they were going to start swimming. After the class as they were making the arrangements to move her up he took her back in the pool with him and let her swim.

Why am I here?
Oh my, be still my heart, those kids over there are actually swimming
Yepper, I sure do know how to blow bubbles into the water...since I was like 2.
Yepper, I can drive to, but when are we going to swim?
Yep, I can float like a starfish, even though you call it an airplane, but I want to swim
Okay, let me see if I've got this straight, you want me to take a deep breath and blow bubbles AGAIN? Then can I swim, pleasepleaseplease.
Mum, I swam to the steps when he let go of me :O)
And this people is a very rare sight: the big sister sitting on the pool deck waiting for her little sister. The tides have changed.

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val said...

Love, love the face where she is sitting in the steps!!
BTW you better take up knitting!


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