6 May 2012

Second verse better than the first

Rosies second day of swimming lessons went a whole lot better than the first. She actually swam. She had the same coach again, which is a good thing so she warmed up really quick and was very happy to see they had to swim the length of the pool immediately, albeit with help. The idea is to get them to swim properly not swim the fandangled way that they swim when they teach themselves.

 She had loads of fun today but still wanted to swim swim swim without the use of a coach. To bad little fish you have to learn the right way not the Rosie way. These two pic's were taken at the beginning of her class. Then Coach yelled, "Mama< does she have a swim cap. She has the softest hair i have ever touched and when I try and hold her head straight my hand keeps slipping?"
So, Mama ran and bought her the cutest swim can EVER.

Here she is doing freestyle, kinda. When coach was showing her how to do it it looked more like he was drowning her. Jacob and I were laughing.

 Dang, that cap kills me. I love it. I can hardly wait for next week now.

 This blog layout is better than yesterday but still under construction. At least I have a sidebar again.


val said...

Dang...she's a fish!!! Blog is looking good!

Vivian M said...

Go Rosie Go!

I really dislike the changes in Blogger, boo.


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