25 Apr 2012

Give and take I tell ya, give and take

So yesterday I made the child do all that homework and i just picked her up a few minutes ago and asked her if she had a lot of math again. She said I have exactly the same again. I assumed she meant another 45 questions but noooo, she meant she has the exact same homework that she had yesterday.

Why? She got a zero again.

Why? That was my question also. I was just about to lose my cool and ask her if she did the wrong pages or wrote it down wrong but decided to remain calm and let her speak.

I got all the answers correct but I didn't do the work the way Mrs "F" does it so I have to do it all again, her way. Adam got zero also. Adam and I both did it the way it is done in the book and she wanted it done her way.

Poor kid is going to be dreaming in math by the end of this week. I know for a fact that Adams mum is going to take serious issue with this, me not so much. I knew heading into this school year that this woman is tough, she does things her way and her way only. We only have a few weeks left to go and school will be out. Life is all about experiencing moments that are not always fair. Lily is going to deal with them with grace. This is a small injustice, there will be bigger ones that will actually impact her life, that is when she will need to take a stand. Learning which ones to walk a way from is just another lesson.

Sometimes it sucks to be Lily! Sometimes it's the best thing in the world! Today it's kinda iffy.


val said...

You are so right....another "teachable" moment in the ups & downs of parenting!

Tammie said...

I have a real problem with a teacher who wants it done his/her way with no explanation as to why. Give me a valid reason so I can back up Mr./Mrs. Teacher. Otherwise, there is a reason that the subject is taught the way the book presents it. In fact, I do understand why teachers want to see the work but if the process is correct . . .

Vivian M said...

I think I am with Tammie on this one. If Lily's process was also correct and by the book, then she should not have received a zero.


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