26 Apr 2012

Bringing home the big bucks

When Rosie was dismissed from school today her teacher asked if I could wait for a minute or two as she needed to give me something. Once all the kiddies had been picked up her teacher handed me Rosie's artwork that was displayed at the County Youth Fair along with a ribbon that she won. Rosie was so proud. Mrs. K then handed me a cheque that was made out to Rose in the amount of $4. I have no idea what the $4 is actually for, if it is for getting first place or just for participating, the teacher didn't know either. Either way kidlet is a happy little camper.
Ro and her Batik banner
Her fancy schmancy awards
Her cheque.


val said...

You have to tell Rosie that she is now a professional "artiste"! Once you accept or receive money yo become a professional. That is wonderful....she looks so proud......as in like the cat that got the cream!

val said...

Whoops I meant you not "yo" I don't a "yo" can be a professional!

Vivian M said...

Wow her very first paycheck! She should frame it. :o)


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