27 Apr 2012

Time for more oddball poses

A couple of weeks ago it was Picture Day at the kidlets school. This meant that they didn't have to wear their uniforms. I get a glimpse into the lives of parents whose kids don't wear uniforms for school each day and let me say it must be hell. I think I'll wear this, no this, or what about this. Oh no wait, this would be pretty, or perhaps this with my hair in a braid and do you think I should wear this and some bracelets? GAH, and this was all the night before as I knew we would have to get up at 4am to tackle such a huge endeavour and still manage to be ready on time.

I knew it would be a waste of time as the photogs' hired by the school district are less than stellar. They pose the kiddies at odd angles and have poor lighting but we have to buy the pictures because it is written in the Parent Handbook under the Mandatory segment. We do not however buy the whole package, 4 sheets, as that would cost $80 for both of them. Now if they would take them sitting or standing together it might be an option but they won't.

Lily was mad cos they wouldn't give her a second to switch her "really pretty Sophia Jane Boutique hair pretties" to the other side so that they would show up in the photo. LOL and Rosie, well she doesn't bother to much about the way she looks so she just smiled and that was it.

I still like the photos. They are better than I expected even with the, h
and on hip, I have a 'tude, pose.

Lily is starting to get a bit too skinny or it seems this way to me. She looks like Olive Oyl here. They are so pretty even with a bad photog at the helm.


Love Letters To China said...

They came out great Dawn. The girls look beautiful. Lily is probably slimming down (not like she ever needed to) because of the swimming she's doing. Natalie was the same way when she swam. She keeps telling me she wants to do it again, but who has the time. Can't even imagine how you're doing it with her going everyday. You are an awesome mom!

I can't believe summer is almost here. We need to get together again. Would love to see you and your girls again.

val said...

Both girls are gorgeous....even tho they "slay" the pose I'm not quite sure about it!

Tammie said...

Both of your girls look lovely Dawn. I love Rosie's attitude with her hand on hip. I think your little girl is coming out of her shell perfectly. Lily is slimming down but between the swimming & her natural thinness (is that a word?), she is the perfect Lily.

Vivian M said...

The girls are beautiful! Love the pictures. Swimming burns a lot of calories. :o)

Polar Bear said...

Beautiful girls!

Rosie looks like a little girl. What happened to the little toddler?

Lily is such a young lady now. They are both growing up too fast!!


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